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Unit  prices & performance

For comprehensive performance information for all of MLC's funds including:

  • latest unit prices
  • review distributions and returns
Unit prices

Unit prices

View unit prices for funds in the MLC MasterKey products.

Fund profile tool

Fund Profile Tool for MLC MasterKey

The latest commentary and information on performance, asset allocation and investment managers for MLC’s funds.

Latest fund reports

Super and pension

These fund reports are applicable to MLC MasterKey Super Fundamentals. For MLC MasterKey Business Super, MLC MasterKey Personal Super, MLC MasterKey Pension Fundamentals, and MLC MasterKey Term Allocated Pension visit the Fund Profile Tool opens in new window.

  •   MLC MySuper
      MySuper Growth Portfolio Download
      MySuper Conservative Balanced Portfolio Download
      MySuper Cash Portfolio Download
  •   Cash and fixed interest  
      MLC Cash N/A
      MLC Fixed Interest Download
      MLC Australian Fixed Interest Index Download
      NAB Term Deposit N/A
      MLC Property Download
      MLC Australian Property Index Download
      Australian shares  
      MLC Australian Shares Download
      MLC IncomeBuilder Download
      MLC Australian Shares Index Download
      Antares Elite Opportunities Fund Download
      Antares High Growth Shares Fund Download
      Ausbil Australian Emerging Leaders Fund Download
      Fairview Equity Partners Emerging Companies Fund Download
      Investors Mutual Australian Share Fund Download
      Perpetual Australian Share Fund Download
      Schroder Wholesale Australian Equity Fund Download
      Global shares  
      MLC International Shares Download
      MLC International Shares Index Download
      MLC International Shares Index (hedged) Download
      Altrinsic Global Equities Trust Download
      Platinum Asia Fund Download
      Platinum International Fund Download
      MLC Platinum Global Fund (closed) Download

We provide a detailed explanation of what we mean by our Simple choice, Low cost, Flexible, and Socially responsible investment groups in the investment options page, as well as full profiles of all our investment options.


These fund reports are applicable to MLC MasterKey Investment Service Fundamentals, Expand Essential and Expand Extra.

  •   Portfolio  
      MLC Real Return Assertive (formerly MLC Inflation Plus - Assertive Portfolio) Download
      MLC Real Return Moderate (formerly MLC Inflation Plus – Moderate Portfolio) Download
      MLC Inflation Plus - Conservative Portfolio Download
  •  Portfolio 
     MLC Horizon 1 - Bond PortfolioDownload
     MLC Horizon 2 - Capital Stable PortfolioN/A
     MLC Horizon 2 - Income PortfolioDownload
     MLC Horizon 3 - Conservative Growth PortfolioDownload
     MLC Horizon 4 - Balanced PortfolioDownload
     MLC Horizon 5 - Growth PortfolioDownload
     MLC MultiActive High Growth (formerly MLC Horizon 6 – Share Portfolio)Download
     MLC MultiActive Geared (formerly MLC Horizon 7 – Accelerated Growth Portfolio)Download
  •   Portfolio  
      MLC Index Plus - Conservative Download
      MLC Index Plus - Balanced Download
      MLC Index Plus - Growth Download
  •   Portfolio  
      MLC Australian Share Fund Download
      MLC IncomeBuilder Download
  •   Portfolio  
      MLC Global Share Fund Download
      MLC Hedged
    Global Share Fund
  •   Portfolio  
      MLC Diversified Debt Fund Download
  •   Portfolio  
      MLC Global Property Fund Download
      MLC Property Securities Fund Download
  • Pre Select fund commentaries are updated each calendar quarter