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Manage your insurance

As your life changes, you may need more, or less insurance cover - use our tools to make sure you have the right cover.

Understand your needs

Use the insurance estimator to calculate how much cover you need.


Insurance needs estimator

Review and update your cover

View your cover by logging in or viewing recent communications and make changes to your insurance.

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Visit Forms & Documents for a full list of insurance forms.
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Apply for or increase your insurance cover

When you have insurance with us you can make changes to your cover at any time. Our simple online application form allows you to increase your cover and allows the insurer to assess your application faster.

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Transfer and bring your insurance together

If you have multiple super accounts with life insurance, you might be paying for cover you don’t need or can’t claim on. Transferring and bringing your cover together is easy to do, and can save you time and money in the long run.

Find out more about bringing your insurance together.

Increasing your cover when needed without medical evidence

When you get married, buy your first home or have a child, life can change a lot. And so might your insurance needs.

That’s why when big things like these happen, we can make it easy for you to increase your insurance cover without medical evidence.

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Reduce or cancel your cover

We recommend speaking to a financial adviser before cancelling your insurance cover. After your cover is reduced or cancelled, you may need to undergo health checks and other requirements if you decide to re-apply for cover in the future.

If you’re cancelling your cover because you’re replacing it elsewhere, make sure your new cover is in place before cancelling your existing cover.

Other things you can do with your insurance

  • We’re required to cancel insurance cover for inactive accounts, which means when your super account hasn’t received a contribution or a rollover for 16 consecutive months.

    You can make sure your super account doesn’t become inactive if you still want insurance, by telling us or making a rollover or regular contributions to your super.

    Don’t worry though if it slips your mind — we’ll send you regular reminder notices before your account becomes inactive, so you have time to act before your insurance is cancelled.

    How to keep your insurance when your account is inactive (no contributions for 16 consecutive months).

  • If you’re with MLC MasterKey Business Super and you’re leaving your employer, you can generally keep your super and your insurance cover with us.

    Once your employer has told us that you’re no longer their employee, you’ll be transferred to MLC MasterKey Personal Super. We’ll also transfer the insurance cover you had in your employer plan.

    Keep in mind the fees, costs and insurance premiums are typically higher after you move. All charges will be deducted from your super and any employer subsidies will no longer apply.

    Insurance options when you leave your employer

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Or visit Forms & Documents for a full list of insurance forms.