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Your occupational rating

See how your occupation could
impact your insurance in super.

Occupational ratings

The Occupational ratings guide for your product tells you if your occupation impacts the insurance cover offered to you.

To learn more about how your occupation is classified, and why it’s important to get your occupational rating correct, see the Occupational ratings guide for your product.

Occupational rating guides

The guides available here are to help employers and members understand occupational rating classifications for insurance cover through MLC MasterKey Business Super, MLC MasterKey Personal Super and MLC MasterKey Super Fundamentals. 

If you have a ‘special risk’ occupational ratings classification and if you have Income Protection, the waiting, and benefit periods may be impacted.

Occupational rating and MLC MasterKey Business Super

When you first join MLC MasterKey Business Super, your employer will provide us with your occupational ratings classification—which is determined by the duties you perform. This rating is important because it impacts the cost of your insurance. 

You can check your occupational ratings classification in your Welcome Kit, Your Insurance Summary if your insurance starts after you join us, as well as on your Annual Statement. You can also view the Occupational ratings guides for insurance cover for MLC MasterKey Business Super and MasterKey Personal Super to see how your occupational ratings classification impacts your insurance cover.

Occupational rating and MLC MasterKey Super Fundamentals

The occupational ratings classification doesn’t impact you if you’ve got MLC Lifestage insurance in MLC MasterKey Super Fundamentals.

But, if you apply for additional or a different type of insurance cover after you’ve opened an account, you’ll need to let us know the details of your occupation. Your occupational rating classification is important because it could impact factors such as your premiums, eligibility for insurance cover and the ability to make a claim.

If you’ve provided your occupational rating classification, you can check it’s correct on your Annual Statement or call or message us at any time if you’re unsure.

If you change the type of work you’re doing, you should review the occupational ratings classifications in the relevant Occupational ratings guide for insurance for your product—and contact us if it needs to change.

How your occupational rating is determined

An occupational ratings classification is determined by duties performed, not by the job title. For more information about what this might mean for you, see the relevant Occupational ratings guide for insurance for your product.


What happens if we don’t know your occupation?

If you’re a member of MasterKey Business Super and we don’t know your occupation, you’ll be classified as ‘Light blue collar’ and the factor listed in the relevant Occupational ratings guide for insurance cover table for that classification may apply to your premium rates.

If we’re not informed of your gender, you’ll be charged male rates for Death and Total and Permanent Disablement insurance, and female rates for Income Protection insurance.

To update your details, please send us a message or call us.


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