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We offer a broad range of investment options so you can choose how you invest your money.

You’ll see our three groups of investment options below: MLC MySuper, Ready-made portfolios and Build-your-own portfolio. We’ve separated our options into these three groups to help you decide the investment strategy that’s right for you.

New to investing? Check out our choosing an investment option guide to learn more about investment strategies and things to consider before you invest.

This page is for investment options in MLC MasterKey super and pension products.

If you’re looking for the investment options available in MLC MasterKey investment products, visit the Find a fund page.

  • Orla Cowan: Hi, I’m Orla Cowan, General Manager of Investment Governance with MLC Super Fund.

    I’d like to take you through our investment menu.

    We understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to investing your super.

    It’s why we’ve created a comprehensive investment menu that’s designed to have an option to suit everyone – no matter what their interests, age or appetite for risk.

    So all our members can take control of their financial future.

    Our investment menu is divided into three different groups.

    MLC MySuper, which is our default option, is designed to be cost-effective and for those who prefer a hands-off approach.

    Our Ready-made portfolios have a range of options for people who want a bit more control over their investments.

    And our Build-your-own portfolio option is designed for the investor who likes complete control over their super portfolio.

    Let’s take a look at each group in more detail.

    If you don’t make an investment choice, you will be automatically invested in MLC MySuper.

    One of the best things about MLC MySuper is that it recognises your investment needs can change over time.

    When you’re younger, your savings are invested in more high-growth opportunities like property and shares, so your super has more chance to grow.

    As you get closer to retirement, we shift the balance towards more defensive assets like cash and fixed interest, to help protect the wealth you have built.

    If you want a bit more control over your investments, our Ready-made portfolios could be for you.

    We have four different types of investment options in this group:

    Simple Choice

    Low Cost


    And Socially Responsible.

    All of our Simple choice investment options are actively managed by our investment experts, using a range of investment managers.

    And they are carefully diversified across a range of asset classes.

    There are six investment options to choose from.

    You choose the option that suits your personal appetite for risk and we’ll manage the rest.

    Our three Low cost options mainly use index-based strategies to select investments.

    This means the options passively track a market index, like the S&P/ASX 300.

    Combined with MLC’s expertise in managing multi-asset portfolios, our Low-cost investment options are designed to provide competitive returns for cost-conscious investors.

    If you’re worried about riding the ups and downs of the share market and want an expert to steady the ship, our Flexible options are worth considering.

    These two options include more flexible asset allocations.

    Both options aim to achieve returns by carefully managing risk, particularly by focusing on limiting the risk of big losses that can set your super back.

    We recognise that more of our members are looking to align their investment choices with their personal beliefs.

    We’ve designed the MLC Socially Responsible Growth investment option, which prioritises various moral or ethical issues and values over other information that may be relevant to investment outcomes.

    MLC Socially Responsible Growth excludes specific sectors and businesses that are associated with certain controversial business activities, such as gambling, and the production of thermal coal, tobacco, alcohol and various controversial weapons.

    You can find more details on what’s excluded in the investment menu on our website.

    Our Build-your-own portfolio option makes sense for investors who want a lot of control over their portfolio.

    You can choose from a range of single-sector asset classes, that are either actively or passively managed, including:

    Cash and fixed interest


    Australian shares

    And global shares.

    You can pick any number of investment options to build your own diversified portfolio.

    Our Financial Coaches are available to help members understand these options in more detail, as well as provide general advice related to your super at no extra cost.

    And you can check out a range of tools and calculators on our site, including the Personal Super Calculator, which can create a personalised super report for you in under 10 minutes.

    Before you choose your option, think about the sort of investor you want to be.

    Do you want a hands-on approach?

    Or do you prefer our experts to manage your super for you?

    Whichever investment option you choose, you can be sure our team is committed to helping you build your financial future.

MLC MySuper*

When you join MLC MasterKey Business Super through your employer, you’ll start out invested in MLC MySuper unless you make an investment choice.

MLC MySuper provides a mix of growth and defensive assets that changes as you approach retirement age.

*MLC MySuper isn’t available in MLC MasterKey Super & Pension Fundamentals and MLC MasterKey Term Allocated Pension.


Explore MLC MySuper

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Ready-made portfolios

To make investing easy, we offer a range of investment options that are diversified across asset classes and management styles. That means all you need to do is pick the investment option that matches the level of investment risk and potential return you’re comfortable with.

In Ready-made portfolios, you’ll find our simple choice investment suite, our low cost options, our flexible options, as well as our new socially responsible investment option. 


Explore our Ready-made portfolios


Build-your-own portfolio

Take greater control of your portfolio and select from our wide range of investment options. Our build-your-own portfolio options are split into four broad groups.

The investment options in these groups all invest in a single asset class, such as Australian shares, global shares, property, fixed income or cash. This allows you to tailor your portfolio to just how you like it, by selecting one or a combination of investment options. 


Explore Build-your-own portfolio

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