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Get started with insurance in super

What’s insurance in super?

If you have super, you may also have some automatic insurance cover.

It’s called insurance in super and is exactly what it sounds like— insurance cover available through your super account.

Having the right insurance cover can help you and your loved ones when things don’t go to plan, and we offer different types of cover to suit your needs.

Insurance in super can be tax-effective and convenient. This is because the cost of your insurance cover, also known as premiums, are deducted from your super account—which means your take-home income won’t be impacted.

Manage your insurance

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Why get insurance with us?

Your life is constantly changing—so have you really taken the time to consider what having insurance cover would mean for you and your loved ones if the unexpected were to happen? Having insurance through your super can help protect you and your loved ones when you need financial security the most.

Dedicated claims team

Our dedicated team supports you through the claims process and reviews all claims, to make sure that any claim you make is managed appropriately.

Make a claim


Want to know more about Claim acceptance rates?

Head to to find out more on claims and disputes for most life insurers using the insurance claims comparison tool.

It’s easy to use and there’s some helpful information about the percentage of claims insurers pay out for each cover type, how long the process takes and how many disputes are lodged, including us.

How do you get insurance in super?

To be eligible for insurance cover, you must be a member with us. You must also be an Australian resident, a member of our MLC MasterKey super products and aged between specific ages — plus meet any other requirements set out in the relevant Insurance Guide which is part of the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

How do you get insurance in super with MLC?

How much does insurance cost?

How much insurance do you need?

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Find the right insurance cover for you

Getting the cover that suits your needs is important because having insurance cover can reduce your retirement savings.

Insurance needs estimator

Types of insurance cover that we offer

Death insurance cover

If you die or you’re diagnosed as likely to die within 24 months due to a terminal illness – you’ll be able to financially assist your loved ones through a lump sum benefit.

Learn more about Death insurance cover

Total & Permanent Disablement insurance cover

If you become totally and permanently disabled, Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) cover can help ease financial pressures by paying you a lump-sum benefit amount.

Learn more about Total & Permanent Disablement insurance cover

Income Protection insurance cover

If you’re unable to work due to illness or injury, Income Protection cover can provide you with ongoing income and financial support by paying you a regular income.

Learn more about Income Protection insurance cover