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Simple super that can help you retire with more

MLC MasterKey Super Fundamentals

Why choose MLC for your super?

We understand how to help you meet your needs today, set your goals for the future and support you along the way.

Choose from a range of sophisticated investment options to suit your investment and retirement goals.

Insurance options to protect you and your loved ones.

Changing jobs? Take your MLC super with you.

Thinking about retirement? Transition your MLC super into a pension account and you may be eligible for a Pension Bonus on your first MLC MasterKey retirement-phase pension.


Account features

Investment options

We offer a diverse range of multi and single sector asset class investment options managed by MLC as well as other investment managers, that help get your money working hard for you.

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  • Simple fees and no surprises
  • No minimum account balance to open your account
  • We don’t charge any investment switching, advice or exit fees

View our fees brochure (PDF, 24MB) for further information

Online access

  • View your account balance and transactions
  • Update your details and beneficiaries
  • Add to your super and switch your investments
  • Bring your super together in a few simple steps

Product disclosure statement (PDS)

For full product details, download our PDS (PDF, 24MB)

MLC Member Benefits

A rewards program brought to you by MLC.

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Your account anywhere, with the MLC app

View your super, pension and investment balances quickly and simply.

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