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Job or career change?

Your MLC super can stay with you.

If you’ve resigned or accepted a redundancy, it’s important to keep your super moving forward.

Changing jobs can be an exciting time. Whether you’ve resigned or leaving your employer due to redundancy, there are so many decisions to make as you take the next step in your career. That’s why we want to make sure your super is as simple as possible – and give you all the resources you need to move forward.

Complete one easy form - and your super stays with you.

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  • The employer notifies MLC via the Superezy portal or manually of the date left employment (DLE) when the employee ceases to be employed. This date is applied to the members MKBS account. The member is ported/transferred to a MLC MasterKey Personal Super (MKPS) account as a result of the DLE.

    The member's existing balance, investment options and strategy including insurance (subject to PMIF requirements) are transferred across to the new MKPS account. The member is sent a Welcome Kit which will provide them with a new account number.

    Adviser Service Fee (ASF)
    Any existing ASF arrangements under MKBS will transfer to MKPS, subject to the ASF rules for MKBS/MKPS members.

    Family Members
    Any family member/s linked to the employees MKBS account will also be transferred to MKPS when the employee is ported/transferred to MKPS.

    Any existing death and Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) benefits will be transferred to the MKPS account (subject to PMIF rules) and may be subject to annual reductions.

    Any Income Protection insurance will be cancelled the day we transfer the members super to MLC MasterKey Personal Super. Members can apply to reinstate their Income Protection insurance cover if they complete a form at within 60 days of transferring to MKPS.

    Insurance Premiums and Fees
    MKPS insurance premium rates and standard MKPS fee structure (which is different to MKBS fee structure) will be applied to the account.

    Discounted fees
    The discounted fees that the members were eligible for under the MKBS plan will cease when they are transferred to their MKPS account.

    Reimbursement of insurance premiums and/or fees
    The reimbursement of insurance premiums and/or fees arrangement the members were eligible for under the MKBS plan will cease when they are transferred to their MKPS account. The member will still receive any outstanding reimbursements of insurance premiums and/or fees if they have left their employer prior to receiving the credit provided the employer pays the reimbursement for that period.

    Large plan rebates
    In some cases, a large plan rebate is able to be negotiated by the employer depending on the size of their employer plan. These large plan fee rebates apply to the percentage of the members balance held outside of MySuper. The large plan rebate will no longer apply when to a member when transferred to MKPS.

Taking the next step in your career or your life can be exciting, exhilarating – and busy. We want to make sure that once you’ve made the decision to resign that it’s as easy as possible to keep your super moving forward.

Helpful resources, when changing jobs

Help for the next step

We’ve created a great library of resources to help you move forward with your job and your super including helpful tips, advice and insights on changing jobs and growing your career and the right forms to help you take your MLC super with you.

Download our career movers kit which provides

  • an introduction to taking your super with you
  • a career movers checklist
  • benefits of staying with MLC super.

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