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We've been helping clients achieve their financial goals for almost 35 years, so we're experts at designing and managing portfolios for investors. When you’re invested in an MLC portfolio, your money is with Australia’s most experienced multi-manager.

Multi-asset portfolios

Everyone has different ideas about how their money should be managed, so we’ve developed three sets of multi-asset portfolios:

Each set invests across a wide range of asset classes and investment managers.

Managed account strategies

MLC’s range of diversified model portfolios combine access to MLC’s proven portfolio construction expertise and 35 years’ experience managing investors’ portfolios with the benefits of managed accounts:

Asset class funds

You may decide to tailor your investment strategy using an asset class fund from MLC or one of our specialist investment partners. These funds invest in one type of asset:

They suit investors looking for a complete investment solution for that asset class or a particular investment style.

Cash and term deposits

We also offer the MLC Cash Fund as a cash option, as well as a range of term deposits through our investment options.

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