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Our investment philosophy


Deep experience. Market-leading investing.

MLC has looked after the investment needs for generations of Australians.

For over 35 years we've been designing portfolios using a multi-manager approach to help investors achieve their goals. So when you're invested in an MLC portfolio, your money is with Australia's most experienced multi-manager.

Our portfolios make sophisticated investing straightforward. We use our market-leading investment approach to structure our portfolios with the aim of delivering more reliable returns in many potential market environments.

Find out about the investment philosophy that guides how we manage your money, our investment process and the managers we use in our portfolios.

Investment philosophy

The core of any successful investment is a clear investment philosophy. MLC’s investment philosophy defines the kind of investor we are and, most importantly, how we manage your money.

These four beliefs are the foundation of our business:

  • We can manage uncertainty about the future by considering many possible market environments.
  • We are risk managers, not risk avoiders.
  • We are responsible for all aspects of our portfolios.
  • We will never be complacent.

We believe that by applying this philosophy, we can deliver more reliable returns to you.

Our approach to investing - the way we design, construct, implement and manage our portfolios - is built around this philosophy.