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Leave your super in the right hands

Update your beneficiaries


  • If you do not make a beneficiary nomination, we will consider all of your dependants and decide who receives your death benefit*, taking into consideration your personal circumstances at the time of your death.

  • For many people, super may represent a substantial part of their total wealth. However, super (and any life insurance held in super) doesn’t automatically form part of your estate. So just because you may already have a Will, doesn’t necessarily mean your super will pass to the people you want in the event of your death. This is why it’s important to update your beneficiary nomination, to help ensure your wishes are followed.

    Tip: keep a copy of these type of instructions, such as your beneficiary nomination and your Will, in the same place, so your executor knows who your nominations are.

  • A beneficiary nomination for your super benefit may be invalid if:

    • the percentage allocation you requested does not add up to 100%.
    • the form has been incorrectly witnessed.
    • the form has been incorrectly signed and dated.
    • a nominated beneficiary dies before payment of the benefit (even if other nominated beneficiaries are alive).
    • a nominated beneficiary is not considered a dependant or legal personal representative at the time of your death, e.g. you have divorced your former spouse.
  • You can nominate a reversionary beneficiary to receive your pension in the event of your death. A reversionary nomination or automatic spouse beneficiary nomination can only be made at the time of opening a new pension account and cannot be changed while the account is active. Find out more about who is eligible to receive your super as a pension. If you're an existing social security recipient, this may impact your entitlements, so you should consider this before taking action.

    If you wish to change or remove an existing reversionary or automatic spouse beneficiary nomination, please contact us on 132 652 between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday (AEST).

    Available to MasterKey Pension and MasterKey Pension Fundamentals accounts only.

  • If you have an MLC Insurance (Super), MLC Life Cover Super, MLC Personal Protection Portfolio, MLC MasterKey Allocated Pension or MLC MasterKey Rollover account or policy, you can update your beneficiary nomination by following these steps.

    1.       Log in to your online portfolio

    2.       Select your policy or account and click on Update beneficiary

    3.       Download and complete the form and email or post it to MLC. Your signature is required and if you're making a non-lapsing binding nomination, it must also be witnessed by two adult persons.  Please allow 3-5 working days for us to process your request.

  • Yes, if you'd like to update your beneficiaries on more than one account or policy, you’ll need to submit a request for each account or policy.

  • Yes, if you'd like to update your beneficiaries on your MLC MasterKey Super and Pension account, you’ll need to submit a request for each account.

  • No, you can only add or change your beneficiary online. If you'd like to remove and not replace an existing beneficiary nomination, please contact us on 132 652 between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday (AEST).


    Important information

    *Depending on the products you hold, the benefit payable could include your super, your pension, or any life insurance linked to your super.

    The information on this web page is of a general nature only and has been prepared by the Trustee without taking into account your objectives, financial circumstances or needs. Before acting on any of this information, you should consider whether it is appropriate to your objectives, financial circumstances and needs, and seek appropriate professional advice. You should not rely on this information to determine your personal tax obligations, please consult a registered tax agent for this purpose.