5 things you need to consider before changing jobs

Changing jobs is a time to make a fresh start and make some positive improvements to your working life. Here are five things you need to know before you make the move.

1. Don’t ‘jump ship’

It’s easy to want to change jobs because you’re dissatisfied with your current one, but don’t just ‘jump ship’. Before making your move, make sure your new role offers something better.

Write down the reasons why you’re not happy with your current role, and then list what you’re looking for in a new one. If roles you’re considering don’t offer improvement, then it’s unlikely you’ll be happier.

2. Consider your options before moving for money

With wages growth at an all-time low in Australia, you may feel that you need to move jobs to gain a meaningful salary increase. However moving jobs purely for a larger salary is a short-sighted move, a higher rate of pay can come with longer hours, more pressure and less flexibility. The money may also be higher to compensate for less desirable tasks, higher risk work or an inconvenient location. You can research salaries on Payscale, Seek and CareerOne websites. Your professional growth and the career opportunity itself should be greater than the salary increase and it’s important to know exactly what you’re giving up to earn more.

3. Go for the learning zone

You’ve probably heard of the three zones of leadership: the comfort zone, the learning zone and the danger zone. Natural steps forward in your career ensure you stay in your learning zone. While 80% of people live in their comfort zone, where tasks are familiar and there is low anxiety, performance, satisfaction and leadership are also lower. Taking a job that is too many steps ahead, moves you into the danger zone, stretching you too far, increasing anxiety so you are unable to lead.

Seeking new roles in your learning zone is ideal, gently pushing the boundaries of your skills and experience and improving your performance due to the stimulation of learning new things with a level of stress you can manage.

4. Get ready to take your super with you… and be financially prepared

When you progress through the interview stages, make sure you have all of your financial information ready such as your tax file number and bank details. Have your super account details handy so you can take your super account with you to your new employer, to potentially avoid multiple accounts with admin multiple fees and insurances. You can access our simple pre-populated MLC super form to provide to your new employer at mlc.com.au/change-jobs

5. Seek inspiration before you move

Consider using the time between jobs, or during your job search, to seek inspiration, competitors and leaders in your field. Whether you’re an office manager, a shift worker, a gardener or designer, no role or industry ever stands still. What are the current trends and future outlooks for your industry or specialty? What new insights, perspectives and ideas can you bring into a new role? Seeking inspiration will ensure you’re energised from day one, with new ideas to share, setting you up to thrive in your new opportunity.


Get your super choice form to take your MLC super with you when you change jobs and get more helpful hints and tips on progressing your career at mlc.com.au/change-jobs.