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Where is this data from?

DBM Consultants

SuperSizer uses data provided by DBM Consultants from the Consumer Atlas syndicated program, Australia's largest research program dedicated to financial services (DBM Consultants). Benchmark results for Your Peers is based on survey data estimates from over 30,000 interviews of Australians aged 18 and over with superannuation, for the 12 months to May 2020.

The average super savings shows the average dollar balance held in superannuation among Your Peers, based on this survey data (excluding SMSF and government funds). The average super savings of Your Peers is simply the average based on survey data and there is no suggestion that if your superannuation balance is currently equal to or greater than this average, that you will have sufficient funds to meet your future retirement needs.

The peer comparison and commentary is intended to provide a general illustration only and does not aim to provide advice as to what your current superannuation situation should be, nor can it predict any person's future retirement needs.


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