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Useful forms

Looking for an insurance form?

Find the insurance form you need below.

Insurance application form

Choose one of these forms if you’d like to apply for or increase your MLC MasterKey insurance cover.

When completing an application, it’s important to know that:

  • To be eligible for insurance cover, you must be a member with us.
  • You’ll be asked questions about your age, job, medical history, family history, lifestyle and if you take part in any high-risk sports or hobbies.

Which form do I use?

Use the Short form insurance application (Short) (PDF) if:

  • You’d like to apply for Death-only or Death and Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) insurance cover (max $1 million total, including any existing insurance) or Income Protection (max $8,000 per month including any existing insurance), and
  • You’re able to answer ‘no’ to questions 1-10 in section 1 of ‘Personal Details’.

If you don’t meet the conditions above, use the Request for insurance application (Long) (PDF)

Increase your insurance cover

It's quick and easy to increase your insurance cover when you apply online. Our Change Cover online applications help you avoid unnecessary questions and allow the Insurer to assess your application faster.

If you’re an MLC MasterKey Business Super or MLC MasterKey Personal Super member you can apply to increase your cover online today.

Change Cover Online

If you’re an MLC MasterKey Super Fundamentals member, download one of the ‘Insurance application forms’ to increase your cover available here.

Apply to increase your insurance without medical evidence

If one of the life events listed below has happened to you within 90 days, and you’re aged between 15-64—you’re able to increase your Death and Total and Permanent Disablement insurance without further medical evidence:

  • adopt or have a child
  • become a carer for the first time
  • suffer the death of a spouse or de facto spouse
  • get married or divorced, or enter into or cease a de facto relationship
  • complete your first undergraduate degree at an Australian Government-recognised institution
  • have a child who starts secondary school for the first time, or
  • take out a mortgage for your first ever purchase of a principle place of residence or an increased loan to renovate your principle place of residence.

Increases without medical evidence (PDF)

Reduce or cancel your MasterKey cover

If you’re a MasterKey member, you can use this form to let us know that you’d like to cancel or reduce your insurance cover.

Before reducing or cancelling your insurance cover, we recommend that you speak to a financial adviser. You might also like to check out our Insurance needs calculator —which may help you determine the right level of cover for you.

Reduce or cancel your insurance cover (PDF)

Younger MLC MasterKey Business Super members and members with low super balances

We’re not able to automatically provide any insurance until you’re at least age 25 and your account balance has reached $6,000.

  • Use this form to tell us if you want insurance in super or if you don’t want us to provide cover automatically.

Choose if you want insurance cover in super form (PDF)

Got an inactive account? Keep your cover.

Use this form to let us know that you’d like to keep your insurance offered through your super account—even if your account becomes inactive (over 16 months without a contribution or rollover).

Choose to Keep My Insurance Cover form - MLC MasterKey (PDF)

Nominate a beneficiary

Use this form if you’d like to nominate someone to receive your super (including any insurance amount) if you pass away.

Beneficiary nomination form – MLC MasterKey (PDF)

Consolidate your insurance

If you’re like many Australians, you’ve probably got a few super accounts and may have insurance through these as well. Find out more about why bringing your super and insurance together in one account makes sense.

Consolidate your insurance form (PDF)

Fix your insurance cover in MLC MasterKey Personal Super

Use this form to fix your Death or Death and Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) cover in super. Find out more about fixing your cover.

Log in to complete the online form or download the Fix your cover form (PDF) and return it to us.

Insurance premium rate flyers and Lifestage sums insured

MLC MasterKey Business Super (standard) and MLC MasterKey Personal Super

View the latest premium rates flyer including Lifestage sums insured effective from 29 September 2023.

MLC MasterKey Premium Rates flyer (PDF)

MLC MasterKey Super Fundamentals

View the MLC Lifestage insurance sums insured flyer effective from 1 July 2021.

MLC Lifestage Insurance sums insured (PDF)

Not what you're looking for?

For super forms, documents such as How to guides and the Product Disclosure Statements, see the forms and documents page.

The MLC Super Fund page has further product information including SEN summaries detailing any recent product changes, polices and financial statements.