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Useful forms and info

Younger members and members with low super balances

We’re not able to automatically provide any insurance until you’re at least age 25 and your account balance has reached $6,000. 

Use this form to tell us if you want insurance in super or if you don’t want us to provide cover automatically.

Use this form to tell us that you’d like to reinstate your insurance in super that was cancelled because you’re not at least age 25 and your account balance hasn’t reached $6,000.

Members with inactive accounts

Use this form to choose to keep your insurance offered through your super account even if you're account becomes inactive (over 16 months without a contribution or rollover), so it isn't cancelled.

Increase or apply for Insurance

Use this form when you want to change your insurance by increasing your sum insured amounts or applying for insurance.

Reduce or cancel your MLC MasterKey cover

If you’re an MLC MasterKey member, you can use this form to let us know that you’d like to cancel or reduce your insurance cover.

Beneficiary nomination

Use this form when you want to nominate who you'd like to receive your super when you die.

Fix your insurance cover in MLC MasterKey Personal Super

Use this form to fix your Death or Death and Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) cover in super.

Log in to complete the online form or download the Fix your cover form (PDF) and return it to us.

Product information

View the latest premium rates for the MLC MasterKey product effective from 13 August 2021.

To find more product information, click here