7 Tips for Super Savvy Women

7 Tips for Super Savvy Women
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Smart moves to help you get on track for a better financial future.
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Women retire with around 35% less super than men on average.1 And one in three women in Australia have no super at all.2 But it’s not too late to make a change. Here are 7 super-savvy tips that can help close this financial gap for a more secure future.

1. Look for a high achiever

Performance can have a long-term impact on your retirement savings so it’s important to know what your super returns are and ensure your money’s being invested how you want it to be. Check out MLC’s top-performing MySuper Growth Portfolio option.
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2. Track your balance

Watch your savings increase over time – and enjoy more control over your super with the MLC app.
Download the MLC app


3. Use the power of compound interest

It’s an amazing tool for wealth creation – and why investing in super over the long term makes sense.
Learn more


4. Learn from female super heroes

Learn the ins and outs of super, investing and retirement from our experts, through webinars like our ‘Women talk money’ webinar.
Explore our Financial Wellness Hub


5. Know your type

What type of investor are you? Ensure your investments match how comfortable you feel about risk and your needs, which can change.
Invest the way you want


6. Supersize your savings

Make extra contributions or consolidate super accounts – just two easy ways you can boost your super balance.
Take the SuperSizer quiz


7. Talk it over

You’re not alone. Invest 30 minutes into looking after your super. Book a one-on-one phone-based meeting with one of our Financial Coaches.
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View the full infographic here.



1 Australian Bureau of Statistics (15 December 2020), based on median data of superannuation balances for Australians aged 55-64, Gender Indicators, Australia, accessed 24 March 2021, https://www.abs.gov.au/statistics/people/people-and-communities/gender-indicators-australia/latest-release
2 Better Retirement Outcomes: a snapshot of account balances in Australia, Ross Clare, June 2019, https://www.superannuation.asn.au/

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