MLC Cyber safety

Cyber safety – stay safe online

MLC is committed to helping you transact online confidently and securely. Here are some simple things you can do to protect your personal information and investments online.

Protect your passwords

  • Don’t share your passwords with anyone, including MLC employees, and don’t write them down.
  • Use a unique password for each of your online accounts. This means that your other accounts are protected if one password becomes compromised.
  • Make passwords strong and hard to guess. Your MLC Online password must:
    • Contain at least one character from three of the following: upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers and special characters (eg. !@#$)
    • Be at least 8 characters long
    • Not be one of your last 13 passwords used, and
    • Not be the same as your username or other personal details eg email address
  • You can use a ‘password manager’ tool to securely store and manage your passwords so you don’t have to remember them.
Keep your software up to date
  • Ensure the software on your devices is kept up to date, including the operating system and anti-virus software. MLC offers customers free anti-virus software. Visit to learn more.
  • Turn on automatic software updates to ensure your devices always have the latest versions installed.

Take care when using MLC Online

  • Always type into your browser. By typing the website address straight into your browser, you minimise the risk of going to a fraudulent website that looks just like the legitimate one.
  • Avoid using computers in public places such as Internet cafes, hotels and airport lounges to conduct online banking.
  • Remember to log off when you’ve finished using online banking. 

Be on the lookout for suspicious messages

  • Fraudulent emails, text messages and phone calls that appear to be from MLC or NAB may attempt to trick you into providing personal information such as your online banking password, email address, or credit card details.
  • If you have received a suspicious message that appears to come from MLC or NAB, do not click on any links or attachments. Please forward it to and then delete it.

If you have responded to a suspicious message, contact us immediately on 132 652.

More information

For more information on staying safe online, visit NAB’s Cyber Safety Hub at or visit for more security tips.