Update on Jana change of ownership

JANA Investment Advisers Pty Ltd (JANA) and NAB Asset Management (NABAM) have announced the proposed acquisition of a majority interest in JANA by JANA senior management.  National Australia Bank Limited will retain a minority interest in JANA.  

Completion of the transaction is expected on 15 September 2017.

We believe this transaction is an important step for NABAM and JANA, which will allow both businesses to have a sharper focus on their core competitive strengths: NABAM as an asset management firm, and JANA as an asset consultant.

Members will experience little operational change under the new arrangement. JANA will continue as the adviser to NULIS Nominees (Australia) Limited as the trustee of the MLC Super Fund.

There will be no changes to the NABAM investment team, processes or products as a result of this transaction.  More specifically, there is no change to the MLC portfolios, investment process or the investment management team.

We look forward to enjoying the same comprehensive range of research services and continuing to assist members to receive the best possible investment outcomes.