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Certify documents


All identification documents (including any linking documents) need to be certified as true copies by an individual who is approved to do so.

A person who is authorised to certify documents must sight the original and the photocopy and make sure that both documents are identical. If there are multiple pages of the documentation, then each individual page must be certified as true copies of the original document (including front and back).

Alternatively, the certifier can sign or initial each page, together with indicating each page as being page 1 of 5, page 2 of 5 and so on. The final page of certification wording should reflect 'I certify that this and the following (number of pages) are a true copy of the original which I have sighted'.

The approved certifier must then write the following:

  • Full printed name of the "Approved Certifier" (eg Michelle Helena Citizen).
  • Date the document was certified.
  • Signature of the approved certifier.
  • The capacity in which they have certified the document, eg police officer, etc.
  • The Registration number (if applicable) of the certifier.

Refer to the 'Proof of Identity Guide' which outlines a full list of requirements for both Australian and overseas customers:

All original certified identification documents are required to be posted to MLC or PLUM.

Queensland drivers licence validation

Members of Queensland (QLD) drivers licences do not receive a new card once their licence expires. Instead, the Queensland Government website is updated.

Generally the administration team will check the QLD government website to confirm if the licence is valid or if the licence is expired.

If a member calls advising their licence is valid please complete a validation check on the licence.

The website will request the following information:

  • Drivers licence number.
  • Licence holders first and last name.
  • Licence holders date of birth.