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Explaining MLC's investment approach


Deep experience. Market-leading investing.

For decades, our investment experts have been designing portfolios using a multi-manager approach, to help investors achieve their goals.

Our portfolios make sophisticated investing straightforward and there are a range of investment options to suit just about every investor.

Find out about the investment philosophy that guides how we manage your money, our investment process and the managers we use in our portfolios.

*As at 30 June 2023

Investment philosophy

The core of any successful investment is a clear investment philosophy. Our investment philosophy has evolved over multiple investment cycles and guides how we manage your money.

We believe:

  • a great culture is the foundation for great investing
  • active management adds value
  • skilful diversification delivers over the long-term
  • intelligent risk taking is a must
  • the long-term matters but we remain agile

Watch our Chief Investment Officer explain our investment philosophy.