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MLC Managed Account

MLC Managed Account Strategies

Offering decades of MLC investment experience in a contemporary investment structure that strengthens your client relationships – and builds your business.

Now more than ever, clients need deep relationships with their advisers. Relationships built on trust, transparency and clear communications. Relationships where you can help your clients with their human needs, not spend precious meeting time on admin.

Yet clients also need portfolios built with sophisticated diversification and the flexibility to respond to a rapidly changing world.

MLC’s* range of Managed Account Strategies links MLC’s proven investment expertise with all the business efficiencies and client benefits of a managed account structure. 

Our portfolios combine our best thinking on asset allocation with a disciplined investment process - developed over 35 years - that optimises returns and reduces risk. 

With Premium Model Portfolios that capture the return opportunities of active management and Value Model Portfolios that deliver the cost benefits of passive solutions, MLC Managed Account Strategies means you can give your clients real choice.

Add the tax benefits of beneficial ownership along with professionally managed portfolio construction and you’re offering your clients a high-tech, high-touch answer to their investment needs. And doing so in a way that gives you more time to spend with your clients – and on building your business.

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How to invest

MLC Managed Account Strategies are available through Expand Extra and Expand Essential. 

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*References to MLC mean MLC Asset Management which includes MLC Asset Management Services Limited (MSL), investment manager of MLC Managed Account Strategies and MLC Asset Management Pty Limited (MLCAM), distributor of MLC Managed Account Strategies. MLC Asset Management is a business division in the Insignia Financial Group of Companies. It includes a range of businesses and partners that in aggregate manage over A$150bn assets under management as at March 2020.