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MLC Index Plus portfolios

Low cost, diversified funds that are active where it matters most

At MLC, we know some investors want a well-diversified portfolio, without high fees.

The MLC Index Plus portfolios give you this, plus more.

Each portfolio provides low-cost access to market returns, and a wide range of assets across the world, through an intelligent blend of index and active investment strategies.

Plus, MLC’s experienced investment team actively manages the asset allocation of the portfolios using their market-leading investment approach. In constantly changing markets, they make active decisions about what mix of assets and strategies can best achieve the portfolios’ objectives.

Each portfolio has a different asset allocation, designed to deliver different levels of return over different time frames.

Understanding the advantages of MLC Index Plus portfolios

Active where it matters most

Actively managing fixed income and currency helps reduce the risks of  indexing. Kerry Gill, Assistant Portfolio Manager for MLC's Capital Markets Research team, explains.

Introducing the MLC Index Plus portfolios

Intelligently blending actively managed and indexed funds can strengthen a portfolio against market fluctuations. Al Clark, Head of Investments at MLC, explains how.

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