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We've repriced MLC MasterKey Super
and Pension Fundamentals
for your clients.

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Access MLC's expertly managed, multi-asset portfolios, underpinned by our market-leading investment approach, plus insurance and protection solutions to build advice strategies to support your clients - at every stage of life.

Market-leading investment approach

that creates portfolios with real value.

Tools and resources

that make advice easier.

Protection solutions

for peace of mind when it counts.

An experienced partner

for complete wealth solutions.

Expertly managed investment portfolios

We create real value for your clients through MLC’s expertly managed multi-asset, multi-manager investment portfolios, single-asset class multi-manager funds, and quality single-manager funds managed by world-class investment managers. We have investment options for every stage of life for your clients.


Four distinct sets of multi-asset portfolios

Quality investment options for your clients through
Simple Choice, Low cost, Flexible and Socially responsible investment options, giving you and your clients a vast choice of ready-made
portfolios to suit different client needs.1



Quality single-asset class investment options

Implement a core-satellite approach to investing
with our quality multi-manager, single-manager
funds and term deposits, provided by globally
recognised fund managers, including MLC.



Award-winning investment expertise

Our market-leading investment approach uses 50+ forward looking
scenarios as part of our Investment Futures
Framework. Our Framework helps us work out the best combination of asset classes to achieve our portfolios’ objectives.



Transparent investing

Build client confidence with a transparent view of
how your clients’ money is being invested and
performing through our Fund Profile Tool opens in new window and
detailed reporting.


1 We provide a detailed explanation of what we mean by our Simple choice, Low cost, Flexible, and Socially responsible investment groups in our Investment Menu, as well as full profiles of all our investment options.

Tools and resources that make advice easier

We’ve built the tools you need to give more to your clients, create even better relationships, and manage and grow your own business.


Engaging your clients

Show your clients their options and how their investments are performing with our interactive Fund Profile Tool opens in new window.


Easy management for all life stages

MasterKey Fundamentals is designed to take your clients from job to job and into retirement. It’s easy to manage and change as they move through life.


Detailed online reports

Quick, easy access to customisable
reports that help engage clients
and fine-tune your business.

Protection solutions for peace of mind when it counts

Our flexible insurance options are designed to protect your clients and the people and things they love when the unexpected happens.


Lifestage insurance

Your clients can choose from three simple
levels of Death and TPD cover, without the
need for underwriting.


Additional, comprehensive insurance options

Including Death, TPD, Critical Illness and Income Protection. For more
information visit us at
MLC Life Insurance.


Protecting retirement savings

Investment Protection options offer downside protection while allowing upside growth,
giving you confidence
during market ups and downs.

An experienced partner

We’re Australia's most experienced multi-manager, designing and managing investment portfolios for more than 30 years. We’re building wealth for 1.3 million customers, helping to manage their super, investments and insurance.

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Further information

  • Competitive prices

    MLC MasterKey Super & Pension Fundamentals can help you lower overall costs for your clients by offering a low administration fee for balances under $50,000; competitive percentage tiered administration fees; with a maximum administration fee cap of $2,500 pa. (excluding fixed fee and Trustee Levy)

    MLC MasterKey Super & Pension Fundamentals administration fees and costs
    Account balance Percentage fee (% pa)
    First $150,000
    Remaining balance over $150,000
    Trustee Levy of 0.02% pa of your account balance.
    Other administration costs paid from reserves of 0.00% pa of your account balance.
    A fee of $1.50 per week if your account balance is below $50,000 when the percentage administration fee is deducted.

    We also offer a range of flexible Adviser Service fee options, allowing you and your clients to choose a strategy that’s right for you. For the most up-to-date information on our fees and costs, see our MLC MasterKey Super Fundamentals Product Disclosure Statement (PDF).

  • The following are the types of investment options available in MLC MasterKey Super Fundamentals:

    Ready-made portfolios, which include our:

    • Simple choice investment options
    • Low cost investment options
    • Flexible investment options
    • Socially responsible investment option.

    Build-your-own portfolio, which include our:

    • Cash and fixed interest investment options
    • Property investment options
    • Australian shares investment options
    • Global shares investment options.

    We provide a detailed explanation of what we mean by our Simple choice, Low cost, Flexible, and Socially responsible investment groups in our Investment Menu, as well as full profiles of all our investment options.

  • Insurance available when you join

    You can enjoy quality insurance benefits with Lifestage insurance (our default option):

    • A combination of Death and Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) insurance that's been designed to protect you and your loved ones through your different life stages
    • When you join, you're able to select from three levels of MLC Lifestage insurance cover (Standard, Half the standard and Double the standard), subject to eligibility criteria
    • Premiums are deducted monthly from your super account balance
    • Your current and previous state of health may affect your ability to claim

    Insurance available after you join

    Once your account has been opened, you can tailor your insurance to meet your needs with:

    • Different levels of Lifestage Insurance or nominate a fixed amount for Death and TPD
    • Option to add Income Protection Insurance cover (including access to Best Doctors)

    When you apply for insurance after you join, we will ask you questions about your employment, pastimes and medical history. If successful, specific occupation loading and/or medical exclusions may apply.

Important Information and disclaimer

Information current as at June 2023. This communication has been prepared for the general information of advisers only. It does not take into account any investor's objectives, financial situation or needs. Investors should consider its appropriateness having regard to these factors before acting on the information. Any opinions expressed constitute our views at the time of issue and are subject to change.