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MLC Inflation Plus portfolios

Targeting returns above inflation while
managing market uncertainty

The MLC Inflation Plus portfolios

It’s no coincidence that when market volatility heats up, so do the questions from your clients. If they’re retired, market falls can have a significant impact on their lifestyle. 

Having an investment solution that’s managed with a focus on the big losses that can set back their investments, can certainly help the conversation.

MLC Inflation Plus is a flexible, multi-asset solution aiming to achieve above-inflation returns while managing the risk of significant negative returns, making it different to most traditional portfolios.

MLC Wholesale Inflation Plus - Conservative Portfolio

2% pa above inflation (after management costs) over 3 year periods

MLC Wholesale Fund snapshot*

MLC Wholesale Inflation Plus - Moderate Portfolio

3.5% pa above inflation (after management costs) over 5 year periods

MLC Wholesale Fund snapshot*

MLC Wholesale Inflation Plus - Assertive Portfolio

4.5% pa above inflation (after management costs) over 7 year periods

MLC Wholesale Fund snapshot

We've successfully used the 'inflation plus' approach in the MLC Inflation Plus – Assertive portfolio since 2005, a period that included the global financial crisis.

*Includes MLC MasterKey Investment Service Fundamentals

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Understanding the advantages of MLC Inflation Plus portfolios

Introducing the MLC Inflation Plus portfolios

Al Clark, Head of Investments, discusses how MLC Inflation Plus portfolios are built to maximise investment returns for risk-conscious investors.

MLC Inflation Plus portfolios - Under the hood

Ben McCaw, Senior Portfolio Manager, discusses what’s inside MLC Inflation Plus portfolios, and how our customised building blocks help us prepare client portfolios for future market ups and downs.

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