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What should your clients
do about inflation?

Rise above it

The MLC Inflation Plus portfolios

At MLC, we realise that some investors want more certainty about the returns they'll get, and less volatility on the way to getting them.

Aiming for a particular return can help investors plan their future with more confidence.

This is why we developed the MLC Inflation Plus portfolios. These portfolios don't rely just on the performance of financial markets to deliver returns. Instead, they're actively managed to aim for the above-inflation returns investors need.


MLC Inflation Plus - Conservative Portfolio

Inflation plus 3.5% over 3 year periods

MLC Wholesale Fund snapshot*

MLC Inflation Plus Conservative Portfolio factsheet

MLC Inflation Plus - Moderate Portfolio

Inflation plus 5% over 5 year periods

MLC Wholesale Fund snapshot*

MLC Inflation Plus Moderate Portfolio factsheet

MLC Inflation Plus - Assertive Portfolio

Inflation plus 6% over 7 year periods

MLC Wholesale Fund snapshot

MLC Inflation Plus Assertive Portfolio factsheet

We've successfully used the 'inflation plus' approach in the MLC Inflation Plus – Assertive portfolio since 2005, a period that included the global financial crisis.

*Includes MLC MasterKey Investment Service Fundamentals

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Inflation Plus overview

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Plan for a more affordable

If you want to increase your wealth in retirement, it’s not enough for your investments just to deliver a return. They need to deliver a return that’s above inflation. So what is inflation? Watch our video to find out more.

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