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If you’re looking for the investment options available in MLC MasterKey Business Super, MLC MasterKey Personal Super, MLC MasterKey Super & Pension Fundamentals or MLC MasterKey Term Allocated Pension, click here.

Diversified funds

Everyone has different ideas about how their money should be managed, so we’ve developed five sets of multi-manager diversified funds. Each set invests across a wide range of asset classes and investment managers. 

MLC Real Return 

Targeting returns above inflation by carefully managing risk, particularly by focusing on limiting the risk of big losses that can set back an investment. 

On 30 November 2023, the MLC Inflation Plus Moderate Portfolio and MLC Inflation Plus Assertive Portfolio were renamed MLC Real Return Moderate and MLC Real Return Assertive respectively. The MLC Inflation Plus Conservative Portfolio retains its name.

MLC Horizon

A range of actively managed funds designed to deliver returns above their investment objective, while managing risk. 

MLC Index Plus

Giving you access to returns from investment markets through an intelligent blend of index and active investment strategies.

MLC MultiActive 

A range of fully active multi-manager funds, designed to provide broad diversification and generate above market returns. 

MLC MultiSeries 

Predominantly actively managed and offered at a lower cost when compared to other fully active multi-manager funds. 

Managed account strategies

MLC’s range of diversified model portfolios combine access to MLC’s proven portfolio construction expertise with the benefits of managed accounts.

MLC Premium Model Portfolios

Investment solutions focused on providing investors with above-inflation returns through an actively managed portfolio that’s extensively diversified across asset classes, specialist investment managers, and stocks.

MLC Value Model Portfolios

Investment solutions focused on providing investors with above-inflation returns through expertly managed, low-cost portfolios that are diversified across asset classes, and blend the strengths of active and index management.

Sector funds

These funds invest in a single asset class, so you can tailor your investment strategy by combining specific asset classes with a diversified fund or create your own portfolio with a mix of asset classes. 

Cash and term deposits

We offer the MLC Cash Fund as a cash option, as well as a range of term deposits through our investment products.