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MySuper helps members set up one for
the best long-term investments they have.

MySuper for employers

MySuper is the default option for employees who don’t choose how to invest their super. Alternatively, they can choose to invest in MySuper, or select from our other investment options or they can have a combination of these. Super is a tax-effective way for employees to save for their retirement. Tax concessions and other government benefits can make super one of the best long-term investments they have.

How it works

Our MySuper product invests in higher growth investments when an employee is younger to give their super more opportunity to grow.

As they get closer to retirement age, we’ll gradually replace a portion of the higher growth investments (such as shares and property) with more defensive investments (such as bonds and cash).

Discover more about MySuper

Take a look at MySuper collateral we provide to our members:

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