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MySuper helps members set up one for
the best long-term investments they have.

MySuper for employers

MySuper has been designed for employees who don’t select their own investment options. Super is a tax-effective way for employees to save for their retirement. Tax concessions and other government benefits can make super one of the best long-term investments they have.

How it works

Our MySuper provides younger employees with a higher allocation to growth assets when their super has more time to grow. As they approach retirement, we’ll gradually increase the allocation to defensive assets that may help to reduce the impact of market ups and downs.

  • Employees under 55 years have a long-term allocation of 85% growth assets and 15% defensive assets
  • Employees between the ages of 55 and 64 years will gradually have their defensive assets increased
  • Employees 65 years and over will have a long-term allocation of 70% growth assets and 30% defensive assets

Learn more

Take a look at MySuper collateral we provide to our members:

  • MasterKey Business Super PDS – download for fees, costs and details about the investment strategy
  • Download the MySuper dashboard (PDF) to help you understand the performance (investment return), risks and fees for MySuper. Use the dashboard to compare this option to other providers’ MySuper.

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