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MLC MasterKey Business Super

Look after your employees super with MLC

MLC delivers super solutions to help make life easier for you while looking after your employees super.

Opening an MLC MasterKey Business Super plan is easy.

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Look after your employees’ super with an outstanding package of investments, insurance and lifestyle benefits to help grow their retirement savings.

We offer you...

  • Super payment support: with our MLC SuperEzy team
  • Simple online access: through MLC EmployerOnline to help you manage your plan
  • Ongoing assistance: to help you stay informed of your business super obligations

We offer your employees...

  • Help: to sign up for and smoothly transition into MLC MasterKey Business Super
  • Investment choice: with around 40 investment options including a MySuper default option.
  • Protection: in addition to competitive Death and TPD cover, if your employees take out Income Protection insurance, they’ll have access to the Best Doctors’ leading medical advice network
  • Education and advice: support and guidance to maximise their super benefits – whether online, in person or on the phone.

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Learn more about MLC Master Key Business Super and MLC SuperEzy.

MLC MasterKey Business Super Employer Guide and Application

MLC MasterKey Business Super Product Disclosure Statement

MLC SuperEzy Product Disclosure Statement



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In this update John Purtell, Portfolio Specialist at MLC Asset Management, discusses:

  • how MySuper performed over the December quarter
  • what drove returns
  • what the outlook is for markets
  • How is MySuper positioned, and
  • helping you to choose your investment choice.

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