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Annual outcome

Each year, NULIS Nominees Australia Limited (‘NULIS’), in its capacity as trustee of MLC super products, is required to assess whether it has ‘promoted the financial interests’ of the members of MLC super products.

The assessment uses industry benchmarking, comparative data, in-house data and reviews performed by independent research houses. This helps us to understand how we are performing on a range of measures, and benefits members since it helps us identify ways to improve the benefits and services we provide to them.

Download the PDFs below to read the detailed assessment outcomes.

2021 results

Outcome assessment Products Promotes financial
interests of members
MLC MySuper (PDF, 525KB)
MLC MySuper
MasterKey Workplace (PDF, 1MB)
MLC MasterKey Business Super
MLC MasterKey Personal Super
MasterKey Retail (PDF, 516KB)
MLC MasterKey Super and Pension Fundamentals
MLC MasterKey Term Allocated Pension (TAP)
Wrap (PDF, 1MB)
MLC Wrap Super Series 2
MLC Navigator Retirement Plan Series 2
Insurance in Super (PDF, 1MB)
MLC Insurance (Super) (MLCIS)
MLC Life Cover Super (LCS)
MLC Protectionfirst Super (PFS)
Whole of Life & Endowment (PDF, 991KB)
MLC Whole of Life Superannuation
MLC Endowment Superannuation
MLC Pure Endowment Superannuation
Whole of Life (formerly Aviva)
Endowment (formerly Aviva)
Capital Guaranteed (PDF, 450KB)
MLC Capital Guaranteed Personal Super Savings Plan - Series 1
MLC Capital Guaranteed Personal Super Savings Plan - Series 2
MLC Maturity Growth Plan
Annuities (PDF, 994KB)
MLC Fixed Term Pension
MLC Super Pension
MLC Super Pension Plan