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Stronger Super

A stronger, more efficient super system.

Superannuation is going through one of the most significant changes since Superannuation Guarantee was introduced in 1992. Stronger Super is a set of Government reforms which have been introduced to provide a stronger, more efficient super system in order to maximise the retirement income for Australians.

By 2050 almost one in four Australians will reach retirement age, compared to one in seven today. It's also estimated Australians will run out of their retirement savings half way into their retirement.

In this environment, there's an increased need to make improvements to the Australian super system, and increase the retirement savings of Australians. This led the Federal Government to introduce the Stronger Super reforms.

We’re actively supporting these reforms to ensure more Australians take an interest in their retirement savings and better prepare for their future.

The key elements of these reforms include:



MySuper has changed the way default super works. The MySuper investment option has been designed for the many Australians who don't take an active role in managing their super.

Your Super in one place

There are multiple benefits of having a single account for your super. As a result of new Government legislation and changes, we're working towards delivering a more efficient super system across the entire industry, with the goal of maximising your retirement income.

Insurance in super

The trustee can only offer new insurance where the benefit can be immediately released to you.

Make your super stronger!

Take action now, and make your super stronger! Here are some helpful tools to get you started.



Do you have the super accounts you've lost track of? We can help you find them.
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Consolidate your super

Keeping all of your superannuation in one place really makes sense. It's easier than you think.
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