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Separately Managed Account

Separately Managed Account (SMA) model portfolios are a way of investing directly in shares, while maintaining the benefits of professional investment management. With all the features of investing in a managed fund and the transparency of direct share ownership, there are plenty of reasons to consider SMA model portfolios.

Product features

Key features

Breadth of choice: With a range of SMA portfolios, covering a range of asset classes such as Australian shares, listed property and fixed income, we're setting a new standard in Australia's SMA market.

Availability: Unlike many other SMA offerings, our SMA portfolios aren’t limited to investment accounts – they’re also available across super and pension accounts.

Low minimum investment: With a $10,000 minimum initial investment, which is lower than many other platforms, you can consider SMA portfolios as part of your overall investment portfolio. 

Benefits of SMA portfolios:

  • Invest in shares with the added benefit of professional investment management
  • The ability to view the individual shares that are held within your portfolio
  • Likely to pay lower brokerage costs than you would pay if trading shares directly
  • Tax position unaffected by other investors as an individual cost base is established for each investor
  • No CGT events, and avoid buy/sell spreads and broker fees when you transfer commonly-held shares into an SMA and between SMA model portfolios*


SMA model portfolios are available to super, pension and investment clients in the following products:

  • MLC Wrap Super Series 2
  • MLC Wrap Investments Series 2
  • MLC Navigator Investment Plan Series 2
  • MLC Navigator Retirement Plan Series 2

*Provided the shares transferred do not have a greater weighting than the weighting of the chosen model portfolio.

For more information contact your financial adviser or call 132 652 between 8am to 6pm AEST, Monday to Friday.

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