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Find and consolidate super

It's easy to find and simpler together.

Not a MLC member?

We want to help save your retirement so let’s take the first step by bringing your super together. It’s now easy to find all your super accounts fast and online with MLC.

You may have lost details of super accounts or simply lost track due to changing jobs. However if you have multiple super accounts, it can mean you're paying unnecessary fees and charges.

Simply open a super account with MLC and give us permission to use your Tax File Number. Once your account is opened, you can find your other super accounts quick, online and consolidate them into your MLC super account.

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Before you consolidate your super there are a few things you should consider


Weigh up the benefits
and features of your other super funds against your chosen MLC super account.

Check the tax implications and see if your tax and preservation components will be impacted. Speak to your financial adviser for further information.

Compare the fees
of your fund(s), and check for exit
or termination fees.

Don’t forget your insurance and make sure that your chosen MLC super account will provide you with the appropriate cover to replace any cancellation of insurance cover1 that will occur by consolidating your account(s). If you suffer from a pre-existing medical condition, consider whether you will be eligible for the same level of cover if you cancel your existing insurance policy.

If you intend to claim a tax deduction
for certain personal contributions made into your other fund, ensure your ‘Notice of intent to claim a deduction for personal contributions’ is made and is acknowledged by that fund.2

1 This is an example only and is purely for illustration purposes only. The figure is based on the average amount rolled into MLC super per member between 1 October 2015 and 30 September 2016 as a result of the SuperMatch campaign, and has been rounded to the nearest thousand dollar amount.
Appropriate insurance can include level and types of cover as well as policy terms.
3 For more information about eligibility and/or to obtain this form please visit