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Life unchanging

Retirement won't stop Trevor living a life rich in experience

Trevor Allen has enjoyed a life of adventure. He’s cycled across the Nullabor, rides his motorbike whenever he can, and found fulfilment as a volunteer teaching English in Vietnam.

He’s never been big on looking too far into the future. In fact, he says he ought to have started thinking about retirement 15 years before he did.

When a voluntary redundancy meant retirement crept up sooner than expected, he turned to MLC to help him navigate.

“The uncertainty, and the fact that I might not have enough money to retire, was unsettling,” he says.

With MLC, Trevor knows he can continue to do the things he loves. MLC backs Trevor in retirement with solutions that fit his life. His Pensions Fundamentals Account gives him a steady income, but more importantly, it gives him the flexibility he needs to continue enjoying a life rich in experience.

Trevor feels assured that his MLC adviser got to know his values and dreams. “They make the effort to find out about your lifestyle and what you want to do in retirement. They know who I am. It’s the little things that make a difference.” 

Have you got enough to keep the best of today? MLC can help you be prepared for your future.

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