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Life unchanging

Meet Lawson. Family is his biggest motivator.

For Lawson Katiza, family is his biggest motivator. "I get out of bed because of them, every morning," he says.

Lawson is in his forties; a qualified architect and devoted husband to Sarah. Becoming a father to Simba, now eight, was a life-changing moment - "You start thinking more about the future. About your family's future. It's not just about yourself anymore” - but it was Sarah’s serious health scare, a brain tumour diagnosed in 2012, that turned their lives upside down. 

“It was one of those things you don't expect and it changes your priorities… you have to look at what's important.”

What was important for Lawson was moving to Brisbane to be closer to family. “Quality time is more important now. We make sure that our weekends are spent doing the things that we enjoy," he says. Which is why he chose MLC to help secure his financial future. "MLC understood my needs. Having been through the experience that we had been through, we didn't want to take any chances with our future."

Retirement is still some way off for Lawson, but he has big plans, from paying for his son’s education, to one day owning a home on the Sunshine Coast.  “You can’t anticipate life’s curveballs. But with MLC you can be prepared.”

Have you got enough to keep the best of today? MLC can help you be prepared for your future.

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