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Enjoy a future filled with the best of today

Life unchanging

Brooke wouldn’t change a thing

At age 35, Brooke Cranage is living the life she always imagined.

A physiotherapist by profession, she represented Australia in touch football in the 2016 Women’s 27s team and celebrated a World Cup victory. She and husband Sam Cranage, a former AFL player, are kept busy with two young children and have worked hard to build their dream home.

She’s exactly where she wants to be – now, and in the future. So when she started planning her retirement, Brooke’s priority was to make sure nothing had to change.

“My dream retirement is basically what I’m living out now,” she says.

When she turned to MLC for advice, one of Brooke’s priorities was financial security for her family. With a long track record as a trusted brand, Brooke was confident that planning her financial future with MLC was the right thing to do. With MLC looking after Brooke’s life insurance, income protection, TPD and superannuation, she can relax and get on with the business of today.

She’s only in her mid-thirties, but the importance of planning early for retirement was driven home to Brooke by seeing her parents reach retirement age and still needing to work. 

“They’re only just finding out now that they’re going to have to continue to work harder to retire later… You do need to plan early to relax early.”

And Brooke is confident that MLC understands her future goals.

“If my life doesn’t change, it’s a great thing. I love my life now and want to enjoy the best bits of today well into tomorrow.”

Have you got enough to keep the best of today? MLC can help you be prepared for your future.

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