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Checklist before starting a superannuation pension


Be prepared using our simple checklist.

Why have a checklist?

Commencing a pension is an important decision requiring careful consideration. To help you prepare and reduce the time it takes to complete the relevant paperwork, we’ve created a checklist of handy tips and suggestions to get you started.

Important things to consider

In the lead up to commencing a pension, the following are some of the issues that might be considered:

  • In order to commence a pension you need to have met a condition of release such as reaching preservation age.
  • If you haven’t already, search for any lost super you might be entitled to.
  • You might also consider consolidating your super if you have more than one super account as you can’t add to a pension once it’s commenced.
  • Consider making additional contributions to maximise your super using the bring forward rule for non-concessional contributions, catch-up concessional contributions, or the downsizer rules (if applicable).
  • Consider whether you should claim a tax deduction (if eligible) on any personal super contributions you have made in the current or prior financial year before commencing a pension. To do this, you’ll need to complete a 'Notice of intent to claim or vary a deduction for personal super contributions’ form either prior to or at the time of applying for a pension.
  • Be aware there are limits on how much you can transfer into pension phase — see transfer balance cap  for more details.

Before starting a pension application form:

  • Read the Product Disclosure Statement for the relevant pension product, so that you can better understand how it works and the fees you’ll be charged.
  • Have your Tax File Number handy (if you haven’t already provided this to your super fund).
  • Have your proof of identity ready, which will generally be your Australian Driver’s licence or Passport number.
  • Research and choose the investment option(s) you want in retirement – noting that your existing super option (e.g. MySuper) might not be available in pension phase.
  • Decide how much income you want to draw in the first year, noting there is a minimum drawdown limit (and a maximum limit if you’re commencing a transition to retirement (TTR) pension).
  • Decide which bank account you want your pension income payments to be paid into, and have your bank account details ready.
  • Consider who you want your pension benefit to be paid to in the event of your death. For more information see beneficiary nomination.

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