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Australia today Part 3

A look at lifestyle, financial security
and retirement in Australia.

How can we feel prepared for retirement?

  • With 66 per cent of Australians feeling unprepared for retirement, establishing clear, measurable and robust objectives for super is a must.
  • Only 15 per cent of Australians believe they are very well or fairly well prepared for retirement
  • Those who use finance professionals are over three times more likely to feel very well or fairly well prepared for retirement

MLC commissioned IPSOS to prepare a three-part whitepaper to explore the challenge of how we get more Australians to think about their retirement. This ground-breaking research from MLC lifts the lid on how Australians are living their financial and social lives, creating financial security and preparing for retirement.

The report divided into 3 parts, give unique insights and powerful data in a series of articles over the coming months, to give you a new view on Australians, their lifestyle, wealth and plans for the future.


Part 3 - A path to saving retirement

Are we on the path to self-funded retirement? Will we have enough money to see us through? They're questions that many are asking themselves as they ponder the balances of their super. One thing seems certain is that knowledge makes a big difference to our confidence levels when it comes to the ability to self-fund our retirements. This third and final part explores the value of advice.

Part 2 - Are we worried about the future?

This part of our ground-breaking research looks at how maintaining lifestyle and financial security are our top priorities, and highlights the concerns we have for the next generation. 

Part 1 - We’re all in the middle aren’t we?

We're all a bit confused about where we sit on the socio-economic strata, and the majority of us see ourselves as middle class. Part 1 of Australia Today explores how Australians see themselves on the socio economic strata, the lifestyle characteristics they value now and aspire to, and their sense of financial security.

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