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Unit price philosophy

At MLC when we strike a unit price we aim to provide an accurate price to ensure valuations are consistent, relevant and appropriate. We have a series of policies which set out our obligations and guiding principles when setting a unit price. These policies have been endorsed by our Boards and are considered to be in the best interests of our customers.

What’s included in a unit price?
The unit price is made up of the value of the assets, (receivables and payables) with fees and taxes deducted. We have robust procedures to ensure each unit price is calculated in a consistent manner.

How often do we strike prices?
We generally strike a unit price every day. MLC may however suspend prices in order to ensure equity between investors if we do not believe we can accurately or reliably calculate a price for a particular day. An example of this would include when one or more of the major stock exchanges are closed.

What’s an effective date?
The effective date defines which day’s unit price will be given for a transaction.

How do we value the assets?
All asset valuations are derived from the latest available market close where an active market exists. For example, Australian shares are valued daily as at market close. Where an active market doesn’t exist, we may obtain a valuation from an independent third-party valuer.

For all unit linked superannuation funds, a reasonable estimate of the tax provision is used when we strike a unit price. MLC includes an appropriate proportion of potential future tax benefits in its unit prices.

What happens if we make a mistake?
At MLC our unit prices are continually monitored. MLC has put in place comprehensive processes and controls in order to minimise the chance of unit pricing errors. These processes are designed to maintain equity between each investor and ensure that MLC does not benefit at their expense. 

In the unlikely circumstance of an error, and MLC determines that compensation is payable to investors that have been adversely affected, we aim to ensure existing MLC investors are in the same financial position as if the error did not occur. For exited investors, only amounts $20 or greater will be compensated. 

MLC's unit pricing policy is consistent with industry standards and regulatory guidelines and requirements. For further information please contact MLC on 132 652.

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