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Our benchmark is a better retirement

Introducing the MLC Inflation Plus Portfolios

MLC Inflation Plus is a flexible, multi-asset solution aiming to achieve above-inflation returns while managing the risk of significant negative returns, making it different to most traditional portfolios.

Inflation corrodes. Preserve your purchasing power.

Inflation is the rise in the cost of living. Over time, it reduces the purchasing power of your money, which means the same amount buys you less. By targeting above-inflation returns, the MLC Inflation Plus portfolios aim to maintain the value of your retirement savings, even as the cost of living rises.

We think about the worst so you can do your best.

The MLC Inflation Plus portfolios target returns above inflation by carefully managing risk, particularly by focusing on limiting the risk of big losses that can set back your investment.

Markets are always changing – you can’t simply ‘set and forget’ when you’re investing for the future. As markets change, we adjust the mix of assets in the portfolios so they are better positioned to deliver returns and manage risk.

MLC Inflation Plus portfolios:

  • Offer choice of three portfolios which target returns above inflation over different timeframes
  • Focus on limiting the risk of big losses that can set you back
  • Adjust the mix of assets in the portfolio as markets change to capture returns and manage risk
  • Diversify across a range of asset classes, strategies and investment managers.

Choose a portfolio that suits you

Choose from three portfolios that target different returns above inflation over different time frames.

Portfolio Investment objective
(after management costs)
Timeframe to
achieve objective
Volatility profile
MLC Wholesale Inflation Plus - Conservative portfolio 2% pa above inflation 3 years
MLC Wholesale Inflation Plus - Moderate portfolio 3.5% pa above inflation 5 years
MLC Wholesale Inflation Plus - Assertive portfolio 4.5% pa above inflation 7 years


MLC Inflation Plus portfolios (invest within MLC MasterKey Super Fundamentals)

Portfolio Investment objective
(after fees and taxes)
Timeframe to
achieve objective
MLC Inflation Plus - Conservative 1.7% pa above inflation 3 years
MLC Inflation Plus - Moderate 3% pa above inflation 5 years
MLC Inflation Plus - Assertive 4% pa above inflation 7 years


The portfolios are available on:

  • MLC MasterKey Fundamentals
  • MLC MasterKey Business Super
  • MLC MasterKey Personal Super
  • MLC Wrap
  • MLC Navigator

You can also invest directly with MLC through MLC Investment Trust. For more information about how to invest please see the Product Guide and following offer documents: