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The MLC Horizon portfolios are a range of actively managed portfolios designed to deliver returns above their benchmarks, while managing risk.

Each has a different allocation of growth and defensive assets, which are expected to deliver different levels of return while exposed to different levels of volatility. You can choose the asset allocation that suits your client's investment needs.

You and your client will always know where their money is invested because the portfolios’ mix of growth and defensive assets are managed within defined ranges.

Key features

  • Broad range of portfolios: Choose the portfolio with the right mix of growth and defensive assets for your investment needs.
  • Defined asset allocation: We manage the growth and defensive assets within a range of 5% above or below the long-term benchmark asset allocation. So you always know where your money’s invested.
  • Experience and track record: We've been successfully investing this way for more than 30 years, helping clients achieve their investment goals. The portfolios are designed and managed using MLC's market-leading investment approach.
  • Risk-management focus: Risk is actively managed using MLC’s unique Investment Futures Framework, which guides our forward-looking approach to managing risk.
  • Multi-manager approach: We use many specialist investment managers from around the world to find some of the best investment opportunities.
  • Extensive diversification: The portfolios are diversified across a wide range of assets, strategies and investment managers to enhance returns and manage risk.
Fund name  
MLC Horizon 1 Bond Portfolio MLC Horizon 4 Balanced Portfolio
MLC Horizon 2 Income Portfolio MLC Horizon 5 Growth Portfolio
MLC Horizon 2 Capital Stable Portfolio MLC Horizon 6 Share Portfolio
MLC Horizon 3 Conservative Growth Portfolio MLC Horizon 7 Accelerated Growth Portfolio

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