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Australian shares.

Our Australian share funds suit investors looking for a complete solution for the Australian shares allocation of their portfolio.

We combine investment managers with different but complementary approaches to investing, researching hundreds and selecting from the best for our funds.

These investment managers invest in companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (and other regulated exchanges).

In addition to the funds MLC manages, you can access Australian share funds managed by specialist investment managers that are owned or part- owned by companies in the IOOF Group.

Things to consider when investing in Australian shares:

  • The Australian share market has recently been dominated by a few industries such as financials and resources.
  • Australian shares may provide dividend income and tax advantages through imputation (franking) credits.
  • Australian shares can be volatile and are usually included in a portfolio for their growth characteristics.
Fund name  
MLC Australian Share Fund Antares Dividend Builder
MLC IncomeBuilder Antares Elite Opportunities Fund
MLC-Vanguard Australian Share Index Fund Antares High Growth Shares Fund
MLC Australian Share Index Fund Fairview Equity Partners Emerging Companies Fund
Antares Australian Equities Fund  

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