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How have investment markets reacted to the Coronavirus outbreak?
Here's what our investment experts are saying.


Share markets lost ground against rising global infections

Share markets weakened in September against a backdrop of global COVID-19 infections nearing 300,000 per day, and uncertainty over the future of government economic support measures.

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How do we move beyond the pandemic?

David Gonski shares his shares his thoughts on how we can move beyond the pandemic at the Conexus Redefining Leadership Series in partnership with MLC.


Share markets up, but economic concerns remain: what's going on?

Markets have been buoyed by central bank and government support for economies. However, COVID-19 remains a threat and economies are still fragile.

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Preparing investments for uncertainty

Given the level of economic and business uncertainty ahead, we continue to emphasise intensive risk-management along with careful additions to portfolios.


Diversification across many dimensions

MLC, we’ve long believed in the importance of diversification across many dimensions, including diversification across mainstream as well as alternative assets, as Gareth Abley discusses.


Balancing caution with opportunity seeking

There is both high uncertainty, as well as rising opportunity across investment markets. This means balancing intensive risk-management with carefully selected additions to portfolios as MLC’s CIO, Jonathan Armitage, explains.


The purpose of good financial advice in a crisis

MLC’s Brendan Johnson discusses the role of good financial advice during COVID-19 and how clients want to build confidence and a sense of control in this extraordinary time.


Australian shares: spot check

Ordinarily, companies abandoning earnings guidance would be thrashed by the market, but these are not ordinary times.


High market uncertainty means caution is sensible

Some recent strong market returns may have lulled some investors into thinking that a turning point has been reached. But as Jonathan Armitage, MLC’s Chief Investment Officer, comments, uncertainty remains high.


How we're carefully deploying clients' capital in the current environment

Good levels of portfolio liquidity are allowing us to carefully buy assets that have become more attractively valued. Al Clark, our Head of Investments, discusses.


How our portfolios are playing 'defence' in the current environment

“Derivatives strategies”, a form of investment insurance, has helped to cushion portfolios during this market event. Al Clark, our Head of Investments, discusses.


Balancing risk and return with different investment strategies

Risk management is deep in MLC’s DNA. Al Clark, our Head of Investments, discusses.


How business operations may change because of COVID-19

Which global businesses are riding out the current crisis? Portfolio Manager, Myooran Mahalingam, discusses.


Differences between current environment and 2008/09 Global Financial Crisis

Current market volatility is distinctly different to the GFC. For one, banks will be part of the solution this time, not the problem. Portfolio Manager, Myooran Mahalingam discusses.


Making sense of current volatility global share markets

Is moving into cash the right thing to do in the current environment? Portfolio Manager, Myooran Mahalingam, shares why maintaining perspective has never been more important.


Impact of falling oil price on share markets

Why oil prices have fallen. And why this is actually good news for many. Portfolio Manager, Myooran Mahalingam, discusses.


What our investment managers saying

Some expert considerations in regards to the current state of the market.

Market Update - March 23

Market Update - 23 March

MLC Chief Investment Officer Jonathan Armitage discusses the recent market correction, how it compares to the GFC in 2008, MLC’s approach to risk management in the lead up to the coronavirus pandemic, and how investments are being managed during this period of volatility.


Market Update - 19 March

Markets are continuing to be volatile as investors react to the news about economic growth and global trade being disrupted by the coronavirus and oil prices. Jonathan Armitage, Chief Investment Officer at MLC, discusses.


Market Update - 16 March

We are continuing to see unprecedented volatility in equity markets and within the last 24 hours we have seen significant announcements from a number of central banks. Jonathan Armitage, Chief Investment Officer at MLC, discusses.


Market Update - 13 March

Markets are continuing to be volatile as investors react to the news about economic growth and global trade being disrupted by the coronavirus and oil prices. Jonathan Armitage, Chief Investment Officer at MLC, discusses.


Economic and market update video - 13 March

The coronavirus has had a significant impact on investment markets. Bob Cunneen, Senior Economist at MLC, discusses what to expect over the coming months.


Looking through Coronavirus with timeless investment principles

For patient investors, situations like the current period of volatility, serve as a reminder of why they are invested in the first place — to build long-term wealth, usually over years, even decades.


Market Volatility Update - 10 March

How have investment markets reacted to the coronavirus outbreak and the reduction in oil prices? Myooran Mahalingam, Portfolio Manager at MLC, discusses.


Managing investment risks amid Coronavirus

The coronavirus is first and foremost a health issue. However, it's also a timely reminder that investment risks always exist. The strong market returns of the past decade may have caused some investors to forget this.


Investment Impacts of coronavirus - part 2

Financial markets, which had until now adopted a ‘wait and see’ attitude to the coronavirus pandemic, seem to have changed course.


Investment Impacts of coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak — which began in December in Wuhan, an 11 million people strong city that is the capital of China’s Hubei province — has seized the world's attention.

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