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Basic financial advice

Advice doesn’t need to be complicated. It just needs to be right.

General advice

Just give me the facts

Do you have a specific question or want a simple explanation on
financial advice concepts, strategies and products? Our team of
phone-based advisers can give you the factual information you need, and translate financial jargon, that doesn't require your personal situation or needs.

General advice can be the right option if you:
  • Need answers to general questions on super, retirement,
    aged care, investments or insurance. For example, ‘What is a
    transition to retirement strategy?’.
  • Want to understand how different products work and how to
    put a financial product in place. For example, ‘How do I set
    up a Pension?’ or ‘How does a Transition to Retirement
    pension work?’.
  • Want to understand complex terminology or information, such
    as the difference between two financial products, or the jargon
    in a financial statement. For example, ‘How is Critical Illness
    cover different to Total and Permanent Disablement cover?’.
  • Need help finding a suitable adviser. For example, ‘Do you
    have any advisers located near me?’.