We're excited that Riskfirst Rapid received the Risk Product Innovation Award at the AFA Life Company of the year awards!

Introducing Riskfirst Rapid – a first to market innovation that enables you to cover your clients quicker.

Riskfirst Rapid is fast, efficient and delivers an improved experience for you and your clients.

How Riskfirst Rapid works

With Riskfirst Rapid we treat the new business application in its entirety, while splitting the cover into two stages. This enables the portion of cover below mandatory levels to be issued faster, even before the medical evidence is requested and/or received.

It's available when the application is completed online using our full technology solution – Riskfirst.

Improving the experience for your clients

Riskfirst Rapid delivers an improved experience for you and your clients. It covers your clients faster and you are remunerated quicker.

Riskfirst Rapid full application

Download the new Riskfirst brochure.

Key points to note:

  • Riskfirst Rapid is optional, but if you decide to use it, you'll need to select this option when preparing the quote
  • important information around the Riskfirst Rapid process is detailed on the printed quote
  • a new declaration in Riskfirst has been added so your client is fully aware of the Riskfirst Rapid application process.
  • correspondence provided to clients will reference Riskfirst Rapid
  • the client's Duty of Disclosure continues until Stage 2 of the application has been processed (we treat Stage 1 & 2 as a complete new business application), and
  • Riskfirst Rapid is only available where you use the full electronic application and underwriting engine within Riskfirst.

For more information, please speak to your MLC Business Development Manager.