Illustrator - a quick and versatile quoting tool

Do business anywhere and anytime, even when you're not online

Our Illustrator quoting tool gives you flexibility to structure policies, premiums, covers and remuneration to suit the way you do business.

The desktop application allows you to generate a quote for your clients, offline, meaning that you don't need internet access, therefore making it easy to access Illustrator wherever you may see your clients.

(NEW!) Quick Quote - quoting made easier for you

One of the key enhancements to Illustrator is the introduction of Quick Quote.

Quick Quote provides a simplified version of a detailed quote, simpler cover options, clearly defined ownership scenarios and scenario based options, and all this makes the quoting process much easier.

Benefits of Quick Quote for you:

  • simplified and streamlined quoting
  • efficiency and reduced time to quote
  • ability to reach an effective outcome quicker, and
  • a suggested recommendation based on optimal cover and pricing for your client.

Download Illustrator

Download the latest Illustrator Desktop Application software and start generating quotes today!

Illustrator Operating system
Download the latest Illustrator Desktop Application software XP/Vista/Windows 7

All it takes is just one click

No more needing to wait until you get back to your office to generate a quote. When you're back online and ready to complete the application, it takes just one click to push the quote information to Riskfirst, our award-winning application and underwriting tool.

This pre-populates the appropriate fields in Riskfirst meaning that you don't have to re-enter this information.

All you need do is:

  • confirm the details
  • make any necessary amendments
  • answer the Personal Details, Policy Setup and Underwriting questions, and
  • then submit your application - all done signature free.

If you do wish to collect your client's signature, Riskfirst provides the flexibility to capture their signature for your records. So now you can keep writing new business no matter where you are.

For more information, visit our online tutorials or contact your Business Development Manager.