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MLC MasterKey Business Super

Look after your employees super with MLC

MLC delivers super solutions to help make life easier for you while looking after your employees super.

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Protecting the future

With MLC MasterKey Business Super, your employees can enjoy quality insurance benefits.

We offer...

  • Automatic Death and TPD cover for most members
  • Cost effective insurance at group rates, which means premiums are generally lower than taking up insurance separately
  • Employees with Income Protection cover through MLC Limited have access to Best Doctors for leading medical advice
  • World-wide coverage which means members are covered 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world

For more information, please see our Product Disclosure Statement.

The above Product Disclosure Statement is for employer plans with MLC Limited as the insurer.  To access information for plans insured by other providers, your employees can log into their account at

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