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MLC Wrap and MLC Navigator

Deliver investment and wealth solutions with confidence.


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With MLC Wrap and Navigator super solutions, you have the expertise, capabilities and support you need -
together with a quality investment menu - to deliver sophisticated wealth solutions to your clients with confidence.

Extensive capabilities

to help you implement sophisticated wealth strategies for your clients.

Exceptional support

from teams who understand advice.

Investment expertise

to help you make decisions with a high degree of confidence.

A renowned brand

that offers holistic financial solutions.

Extensive capabilities

We’re committed to investing in our platforms to support you and your clients. Our extensive capabilities help to streamline your advice process and implement sophisticated strategies. At the same time, our in-depth reporting and insights help to inform your decision-making and drive business efficiencies.


Managed Account & tailored portfolio functionality

Streamline your advice process
with our ready-made
Separately Managed Account
 or DIY model portfolios.


In-depth reporting & insights

Keep informed with in-depth
reporting & insights, helping
you to guide client conversations
and make decisions to benefit
 your clients and your practice.

Unique fast-track transacting

Ensure your clients never miss
an opportunity with quicker
access to funds.


Exceptional support

Our large support team have a solid track record of providing day-to-day help as well as technical support to advisers during regulatory change.

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Investment expertise

Our platforms feature an extensive menu of quality, contemporary investments, which enable you to develop sophisticated strategies for your clients whatever their life stage or goals. We offer over 350 managed funds, 500 ASX-listed investments, term deposits and SMA model portfolios.

with more than

managed funds

and over

ASX listed securities

Our breadth and depth of investments allow you to develop sophisticated strategies when dealing with a diverse array of client needs across different life stages.

For important managed investment updates, see our Investment News.

A renowned brand

We’re one of the largest and most well-known Australian wealth management specialists. We’re building wealth for 1.3 million customers, helping to manage their super, investments and insurance.

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Further information

  • Fee reductions on MLC Wrap and Navigator Series 2 
    Effective from 4 February, we’re reducing fees on MLC Wrap and Navigator for existing and new clients. This includes reducing administration rates and introducing a fee cap for clients in a linked family group.

    The fee changes are all about providing more competitive outcomes for clients, which is supported by benchmarking from Chant West.

    Download Chant West comparison

    Note: The benchmarking material included has been provided Chant West. Chant West is solely liable for this information.

    Family group benefits
    Your clients directly benefit from our competitive fees. By investing as a family group through a financial adviser, they have the opportunity to link up to 4 accounts to receive reduced administration fees.  Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for further information in relation to family linking.

    Aggregate fees on multiple super and pension accounts
    Where your client holds multiple series 2 super and pension accounts, the balances will be combined for the purpose of calculating Administration fees, which can help to reduce the Administration fee (including the Super administration fee) charged. The administration fee and super administration fee are calculated on the combined balance of the accounts, and then proportioned to the individual accounts. Minimum and maximum fees are also applied on a pro-rata basis.

    For the most up-to-date information on our fees and costs, see our MLC Wrap Super Series 2 Product Disclosure Statement (PDF) or our MLC Navigator Retirement Plan Series 2 Product Disclosure Statement (PDF).

  • Our carefully constructed investment list features an extensive range of investment options designed to provide the best outcomes for your clients. See our MLC Wrap Super Series 2 Investment List (formerly Investment Menu) (XLSX) or our MLC Navigator Retirement Plan Series 2 Investment List (formerly Investment Menu (XLSX).

    Minimum initial investment

    • $20,000 without a Regular Investment Facility
    • $3,000 with a Regular Investment Facility

    Cash Account
    The Cash Account is used for all transactions on your client's account. For the minimum Cash Account requirement, please refer to the relevant Product Disclosure Statement.

    The Cash Account is allocated across the following two investments:

    Investment Target asset allocation
    NAB Professional Funds Account 99%
    A bank account with NAB 1%

    You can find out more about these investments here: NAB Professional Funds Account Terms and Conditions

    From 1 October 2018, the target rate is equal to the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) official cash rate. Interest is calculated daily and paid to the Cash Account quarterly. If your Cash Account is negative, 
    you’ll be charged this same interest rate on your negative balance which will be offset against any positive interest accumulated during the quarter. 
    This may happen if you buy investments using proceeds from sales that aren’t final, or if you haven’t adequately catered for fees or other transaction payments coming from the Cash Account.

    The table below shows the interest applied to the Cash Account each quarter.

    Quarter ending Quarter ending Quarter ending
    30 June 2018 0.18% 0.73%
    31 March 2018 0.18% 0.74%
    31 December 2017 0.19% 0.74%
    30 September 2017 0.18% 0.77%

    Note: The actual asset allocation may vary from time to time for different Services. Therefore, the distribution rate may vary slightly between different Services.
  • MLC insurance can also offer your clients cover against the financial consequences of injury, sickness or death.

    • Life Cover
      Protection for your client’s family if your client is no longer around to provide for them
      Learn more
    • Total and Permanent Disability (extension to Life Cover)  
      Protection for your client (and their family) if illness or injury make it difficult or impossible to continue working 
      Learn more
    • Accidental Death  
      Protection for your client’s family if your client is no longer around due to an accident
      Learn more
    • Income Protection
      Protection for your client (and their family) if they are temporarily unable to work due to illness or injury 
      Learn more
  • MLC Wrap super solutions bring super and pension investments together. That way, it’s easy to build your clients’ wealth, then help them transition to retirement when they choose.

Important Information

Issued by National Wealth Management Services Limited ABN 97 071 514 264.  The information in this flyer is correct as at 4 February 2019, but may change in the future. Interests in MLC Wrap Super and MLC Navigator Retirement Plan are issued by NULIS Nominees (Australia) Limited, ABN 80 008 515 633, AFSL 236465, as trustee of the MLC Superannuation Fund, ABN 40 022 701 955.  Interests in MLC Wrap Investments and MLC Navigator Investment Plan are issued by Navigator Australia Limited, ABN 45 006 302 987. Before making a decision to purchase or continue to hold a product, you should read the relevant PDS or Financial Services Guide, which can be obtained by calling us on 133 652.  The information in this document is general information only and doesn't take into account your personal financial situation or individual needs.

To find out more, contact a BDM or call us on 133 652.

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