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Mergers and acquisitions

Service package options

We can manage the end-to-end buying or selling process for you, or step in to support you where you most require assistance. Whether you require our full support, a single service, or assistance to manage a project before, during or after settlement, we offer competitive market pricing and tailored solutions where you only pay for what you use.

Choose one of our three set service packages, or customise the support you need with our Flexible Support Package.

1. Valuation Package

You’re assessing your options and only require valuation support. Tap into our wealth of expertise to understand the indicative market value of your client book.

2. Sales Completion Package

You've found a buyer, but require assistance managing the sale and transfer process. Focus on the end goal while our team of experts manage the processes to get your transaction over the line

3. Comprehensive Package

You’re seeking full, end-to-end support to identify a buyer and finalise the sale. Allow our team of experts to guide you every step of the way and ease the complexities for you with our extensive end-to-end service offering.

4. Flexible Support Package

Only pay for what you need. Choose the tasks or processes you require assistance with. Our flexible and cost-effective options mean that we can manage one step or the entire process for you.


Value Package

Sales Completion Package

Comprehensive Package

Flexible Support Package
Data collection
Information memorandum    
Offer assessment    
Completion and client notification  
Succession planning      

Service inclusions

Data collection

  • Prepare a detailed client list containing all policy information, fee arrangements, client demographics and contact details, the last
    12-month's annual ongoing revenue, Fee Disclosure Statement and opt-in details and Fixed-Term Advice and Service Agreement details.


  • Prepare an indicative market valuation of the client book.
  • Provide a comprehensive valuation report.


  • Prepare an information memorandum and supporting marketing material including an investment flyer.
  • Target potential buyers and distribute investment flyer and information memorandum.
  • Preliminary discussions with potential buyers.

Offer assessment

  • Coordinate expressions of interest from potential buyers.
  • Work with you to evaluate the final offers and select your preferred buyer.


  • Transfer all clients, revenue and relevant client records (case managed services).
  • Liaise with all parties to ensure client transfers, opt-outs and adjustments are made.
  • Calculate deferred payments and facilitate payment.

Completion and client notification

  • Prepare and arrange for execution of sales deeds for buyer and seller to conclude a sale.
  • Prepare and issue client notification letters.
  • Manage client opt-outs and action client instructions.
  • Liaise with financiers to arrange completion of the sale.

Succession planning

  • Talk to our team about additional services available to you including succession planning support.