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Connect for growth

If you’re looking to buy or sell a financial planning client register, we can help.

Buying or selling a client register can be complicated, but with MLC Connect for Growth, you have the support of an experienced partner.

We help reduce the stress and uncertainty of the process.

Unlike transacting on the open market, buyers and sellers deal directly with us and we manage the entire process.



Sell all or part of your business

With MLC Connect for Growth, MLC is the buyer, so you pay no brokerage fees or additional costs. It's the perfect way to sell part of your client book to re-shape your business for growth. And for those looking to exit the industry, it's an ideal succession solution.

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Establish or grow your business

Buying a client register can help you set up or grow your business, and MLC Connect for Growth offers expert support through the purchase process.

Some benefits of our program include:

  • Dedicated acquisition support;
  • Supporting during and after your purchase.

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