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MLC Accenture Whitepaper

The client-adviser connection goes digital.

Enhancing advice through technology

The financial advice industry is changing rapidly, and Accenture and MLC have worked together to provide perspectives on how financial advisers can harness digital technology to enhance their client experience and services using online, mobile, social and other digital media. Advisers work for the best interests of their clients and digital technology can be a great tool to enhance their capabilities. In this paper we explore how digital is changing the expectations of advice for clients and the client-adviser relationship itself.

Clients’ changing expectations and the internet’s ability to make advice more affordable and accessible are challenging the traditional role of financial advisers. Research shows that clients are willing to pay for good advice. And opportunities exist to increase the value of financial advice practices by using digital technologies to lower the costs of producing advice. Today’s clients are also being ‘trained’ to expect more than financial services from their advisers, due to access to external digital channels.

Digital technology does not have to compete with financial advisers - it can be an enabler. Hear how these financial advisers have embraced digital tools to simplify their business and create more time to engage with their clients.

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Danielle Carey, Ambleside Wealth Advisers

"Becoming a paperless office using MLC AdviserOnline has allowed us to move staff members into more income generating roles and focus on the client."

  • Ambleside Wealth Advisers has 25 years of experience helping clients achieve their goals by assisting them to develop and implement strategies. Ambleside's client philosophy is to educate and simplify complex issues while bringing a strategic mindset to financial advice.

Andrew Carra, Carra Wealth Management

"Productivity has increased dramatically using platforms and tools like XPLAN and"

  • Carra Wealth Management is an established practice based in Melbourne focused on empowering their clients by helping them create, manage and protect their wealth. Carra Wealth Management is committed to building long-term client relationships, not one off transactions.