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NAB Equity Builder

A ‘no margin call’ Principal & Interest investment loan

Your clients can now access a range of opportunities by borrowing to invest in SMAs, ETFs, LICs and Managed Funds without worrying about margin calls. This means they may be able to stick to their financial plan without short-term volatility affecting their planned time in the market.

Product features

Key features

  • Similar to a home loan, NAB Equity Builder is a P&I loan. It allows clients to repay the loan over a set period of time while increasing their exposure to diversified investments
  • The managed investments are held as loan security (the clients’ home is not used as security)
  • No margin calls so there’s no need for additional cash reserves to manage unexpected events
  • Choose the preferred loan size, gearing level and time frame to repay the loan 
  • Access over 950+ managed investments, ETFs and LICs 
  • Equity Builder investment loans are available via MLC Wrap, Navigator and Masterkey

There’s an award winning principal & interest investment lending solution that allows investors to borrow funds to invest in managed investments without margin calls.

It’s called NAB Equity Builder and offers investors an alternative way to invest and build wealth outside of super, rather than relying solely on property. By borrowing to invest in financial assets, investors can access opportunities from around the world and possibly grow their investment into a profitable portfolio.

Whether it’s saving a deposit for a home, private school fees or creating an additional income stream, NAB Equity Builder is well suited to goal-oriented investors who have a particular savings goal they’d like to achieve within a certain time frame.

There are risks associated with borrowing to invest. Some of these include, but are not limited to, rising interest rates, changes in taxation law and movements in the prices of investments which may have an effect on your client's financial position. Customers are recommended they speak to their financial adviser before deciding to invest.


To find out more, visit the website or request a call back from a NAB Equity Lending specialist.